By choosing Northwest Philiopractic Resource Center you have entered into a unique health relationship. We take the time to learn about you. We are here to assist you with your long and short-term health goals. Together we will create the individualized program best suited to your needs.

Services we offer include:
General Family Care
Nutritional Counseling
Classic Homeopathy
Women's Health
Immune Support
Case Management
Second Opinions
Juice Fasting
Spinal Manipulation
Minor Surgery
Infra-red sauna

The Northwest Philiopractic Resource Center has other specialized services including group fasting programs.

For any information about our services, please contact the business office with questions or to schedule an appointment at 503-224-8083. The office is open weekdays from 9 to 5.

Dr. Steven Bailey

2738 SE 19th Ave,
Portland, OR 97202
PH: 503•224•8083

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